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    Harding University
  Jul 28, 2017
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2013-2014 Undergraduate Catalog [Archived Catalog]

Mathematics Major (MEDU) (Teacher Licensure), BA

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Liberal Arts: 44 Hours

Student must take POLS 205 . Do not take PHS 111 , PHS 112 , PHS 113 , PHS 115 , PHS 116 . The Liberal Arts requirements for mathematics and physical science are counted below in the hours required for the major.

EDFD 203 , required in place of PSY 201 , is counted below in the requirements for certification.

Major: 39 Hours


Math leveling work, if needed, increases total hours by 5.


Students seeking teaching licensure must follow eligibility criteria for admission and retention listed in the Cannon-Clary College of Education section of the undergraduate catalog.

Minor: 18 Hours

The choice of minor could reduce the total hours.

Remaining Bible/Electives: 6 Hours

Bible is not required during the supervised teaching semester. See the Bible Enrollment policies here. 

Total Hours: 138

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